Maximize your financing with us!

At ALLGES we understand how crucial it is to secure financial resources for the growth and development of your project or business. That is why we offer a specialized service in the search and obtaining of grants adapted to your needs.

Why choose us for your grant search?


Experience and knowledge:

Our team has years of experience in identifying and applying for grants in a wide range of sectors and areas of interest.



We analyze in detail your objectives and requirements to find the most suitable grants for you. Each client is unique, and we make sure to tailor our search to your specific needs.


Integrated process management

From initial research to application submission and subsequent follow-up, we will guide you through every step of the grant process, ensuring that we maximize your chances of success.


Resource optimization

We know how valuable your time and resources are, so we are committed to conducting an efficient and effective search, minimizing the time and effort you must invest in the process.

What kind of grants can we help you find?

Grants for research and development projects.

Grants for business initiatives and entrepreneurship.

Grants for social and environmental projects.

Subsidies for technological innovation.

Grants for training and education.